Greg Noory

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Greg Noory

Pure Mortal
High Concept: Paranormal Conspiracy Blogger
Trouble aspect: “You wouldn’t believe me if i told you.”

Phase aspects:

  • I hate the heat.
  • The truth is out there
  • A good reason to be paranoid
  • Mysterious Benefactor

Greg grew up in Colorado with is parents, but had to move to Arizona during high school for his parents’ jobs. He used to spend a lot of time outside as a kid, but the dry desert heat was too oppressive and drove him indoors. Unable to stand being outside during the day, Greg finished school online and found himself using computers more and more.

Rising Conflict:
Forming a friendship with another local online student, Art and Greg fell into the local USENET community, where they could hear about all sorts of strange events going on all over the world. Noticing some events similar between Phoenix and other cities like Chicago, they decided to start investigating and reporting on local supernatural goings-on by hosting a blog and internet radio show.

The Story:
A few years later, Art and Greg’s blog and radio show have become their full time jobs. The weekly show was picked up by a local radio station for the 2-4 AM time slot—just after the Coast to Coast syndicated show. They’ve spent some effort to keep anonymous, but Art and Greg know as well as anyone that there is always some trail.
About a month ago, Art failed to sign on for their weekly broadcast. He had said something earlier about a really big story he wanted to keep under wraps,and was heading out somewhere to investigate, but never came back. Greg has spent a few weeks furiously searching for his friend and partner, looking in all the biggest leads he knew about, but no luck. So far he’s been kicked out of a couple clubs for asking too many questions, and the police have been no help since Art preferred to not have a paper trail to begin with. For now, Greg will have to keep working while he looks for any trace of Art, but he can’t help the feeling someone targeted Art specifically, and in that case they’ll probably be after Greg next.

Guest star: Annette Koehler
After one of our first broadcasts on the terrestrial airwaves, we were contacted from an anonymous email address offering to support our operational costs of the show in exchange for being appraised of any leads we might find on people doing some kind of magic, or any big organizations suppressing it, they offered to help pay for our radio show by sending us bitcoin.

Greg Noory

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