Annette Koehler

Wealthy Alchemical Researcher (Keith)



Annette and her younger sister Eliza were born to parents Julia (a university professor that inherited a small family fortune) and Martin (VP of a large manufacturing company). Thanks to their parents’ wealth, the sisters attended private school for their entire childhoods. Annette was a model student, excelling at math and science, and winning several athletic awards for track and cross-country.

Aspect: Upper Class Upbringing

Rising Conflict

One night, while Annette was in college, Julia and Martin were murdered and the two girls were abducted by the warlock Donnelly. He caged them up in the secret basement beneath his apothecary shop (the front he used to hide from the White Council). Donnelly began the sacrifice needed for his dark experiment, and Eliza was the first to go.

But Donnelly had no chance to figure out what element of the ritual he screwed up. As soon as Eliza was sacrificed, the entire ritual backfired and Donnelly was vaporized. All Annette could do was watch with horror.

Aspect: Nearly Sacrificed for Dark Purposes

The Story

Alone in the basement, Annette became obsessed with studying the tome that Donnelly had been referencing for the spell, trying to figure out why she had been taken. She remained trapped for over a day, until a passing customer of Donnelly’s rescued her. Annette took the journal with her for future study.

As some twisted coping mechanism for her family’s death and her abduction, Annette became consumed with a need to research this new magical world. At first, her only potential source of knowledge was the journal she had stolen: a massive leather-bound tome covering all sorts of enchanting and alchemy. Trusting herself enough to be able to separate the dark knowledge from the rest, she began sinking a substantial amount of her inheritance into the construction of an arcane laboratory of her own, and began to experiment.

Aspect: Lessons from Donnelly’s Journal

Guest Star

During the construction of her arcane sanctum, Annette found she needed to stock her shelves with some “unconventional” ingredients (grave dirt, tombstone shavings, corpse fingernails, etc). In her search, she encountered Billy Pilgrim at his graveyard.

She offered Billy money, but he was more interested in protection for his graveyard. The ghosts had already informed him about Annette’s enchanting abilities, so he struck a deal for some magical defense in exchange for the odd ingredients she needed.

Aspect: Skills For Sale

Guest Star II

Aspect: Drunken Confidence

Annette Koehler

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