Dry Heat

Small Medium at Large Pt 3

No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical.

The ensuing fight was vicious and almost entirely one-sided:

  • Billy managed to kill the smushed stranger with nihilism. He acquired ghost of Dylan Nardo, who is not very pleased to be there.
  • Icky takes a shot in the arm, but also manages to get the two remaining soldiers to metaphorically shit their pants.
  • Rory completely annihilates the remaining adult child soldier’s knee, and leaves both the former child soldier and the actual child soldier with belly wounds.
  • Annette gets pulled to cover by the wounded Icky.
  • Greg manages to taser the former child soldier into unconsciousness.
  • Petra attempts to escape, but fails.
  • The child soldier chooses to shoot himself in the head rather than by captured.

Post-combat, with the sounds of sirens in the distance, Annette drives off in a panic, before realizing that she shouldn’t abandon the group, and drives back.

While Boo loads up Greg’s van with the unconscious soldier, Icky and Greg go to investigate the apartment quickly, knowing they won’t be able to return. They find the following:

  • There are no photos of Petra’s family in the apartment.
  • There are a number of rare books.
  • There are a number of rare statuettes.
  • There is a box of glowing rings.
  • There’s a note detailing Petra’s plans.
  • Petra’s email password.
  • Petra’s journal.
  • Petra’s cellphone.

Icky grabs the cellphone, passport, the oldest looking book, and the journal, and convinces Greg to take the box of glowing rings. Annette joins in the search, drawn by her curiosity. Annette is very interesting in the books and grabs the following:

  • A book detailing the family history of the vampire courts.
  • A french copy of Harry Potter.
  • A children’s book of spellcasting.
  • An obscure German copy of cures for hemmoroids.
  • A strange old book written in blood.

The group realizes they can no longer return to their homes, and decide to meet at an Indian burial ground in the Superstition Mountains, but not before a quick shwarma break for pie on the way.

There, they read Petra’s journal, interrogate Petra, and torture the stranger (threatening to waterboard him with pee pants, Leo stepping on his nonexistent knee, roughing him up) into giving them information. They learn the following:

  • Petra is a member of the Unknown Children, a world-wide cult that attempts to collect the world’s information.
  • The assassins were sent after her for a number of possible reasons: she was trying leave the cult, she was stealing artifacts and selling them, they were on rough terms.
  • Petra and John Bucket lead the rebel faction of the Unknown Children. They try to sneak fellow deserters out of the cult whenever possible. They know very few names/phone numbers of the others involved, by design, so the information can’t be tortured out of them.
  • Petra was trying to leave the country by using her own network – the cult wants her dead.
  • Originally, Petra wanted to leave the country with Candi, which is why she was stealing and selling artifacts.
  • Petra made the glowing coin she sold to Jeff Goldblum – it is not actually powerful.
  • Jeff Goldblum thinks the coin he has contains a fallen angel – and the ability to shape shift, heal wounds, and other such power.
  • The Unknown Children are actually looking for a coin like this – the Lost Dutchman brought this coin to the state, and then died here. They’re investigating thrift stores, mines, caves, mountains, any leads they could possibly have to find this coin.
  • The Unknown Children have three locations: the Enforcement Building, downtown, the marketing/administrative building in central Phoenix, and the main branch up in North Phoenix.
  • The Unknown Children have a tattoo to mark them. 6911610156926521002-account_id_1.jpg
  • The rebel faction has safehouses across the city, and a vet that they take their wounded to.

Post interrogation/torture session, they decide to follow Petra’s suggestion and contact Bucket for a safehouse, and head to the vet to patch up the wounded.


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