Dry Heat

Small Medium at Large Pt 2

Outlaws don't get credit cards.

After breaking Cora down, the group questions her involvement in the Sybil/Candi situation. The group learns the following:

  • Jeff Goldblum acquired some kind of glowing coin that he thought would make him very powerful.
  • Jeff Goldblum was showing off the coin with Oz to Cora when Candi burst into the room.
  • Candi ran, and Jeff Goldblum ordered Oz to shoot her.
  • Cora sold the Alaskan Bush Co to Jeff Goldblum when she found photos of her daughter, Elliot, on her doorstep.
  • Elliot Price goes to ASU, lives with roommates, and works at the water treatment plant. She is also who they will go after first, if Cora gets out of line.
  • Jeff Goldblum is a member of the White Court vampires.
  • Jeff Goldblum and his men cannot touch Cora, because her skin burns them.
  • Some men in suits have been showing up to the Alaskan Bush Co, flirting with the strippers. The strippers follow them, and come back with something missing. Some don’t come back at all.
  • The cops knew it was Sybil because of the surveillance videos.
  • A direct assault on Jeff Goldblum is probably not a good idea, because he is one of the more powerful men in the city.

Billy proceeds to wig Cora out with his nihilism. Cora turns to drinking to deal with this, with Rory, Icky, and Annette joining her, letting the rest of the group explore the strip club.

Annette sneaks away to grab a piece of the carpet that has Candi’s blood still on it, before returning to drink more.

The group explores, with Billy finding a “I’m sorry” present from Candi to Petra in the office. Annette asks Cora for some spit to potentially make an anti-white court relic. Cora obliges.

Greg is worries about the fact the the group left a potential criminal just hanging out in one of the group member’s homes. The group agrees to go back to the graveyard to check in on Sybil.

When they arrive at the graveyard, they find Leo and Boo on the way up to see Sybil. Billy accosts them, threatening them with his phallic-rake, asking what they’re doing there. Sybil calms things down explaining that he also hired Leo and Boo to investigate his current team of investigators and his case, since he hadn’t heard from them.

Additionally, the group discovers that Sybil has been sprucing up the graveyard, by buying snacks, electronics, and clothes on Amazon Prime and having them delivered. The group has a spirited discussion with the dwarf, remove his access to his amazon account. Eventually, Icky convinces him that all hope is not lost.

During this commotion, Annette manages to fall into a grave, and needs to be pulled out via phallic-rake by Billy.

They decide to move the dwarf, since the current location has been compromised. They set up a room under Annette’s name at a Motel 8. On the ride over, they find out the dwarf doesn’t believe vampires exist.

At the motel, Leo, Greg and Annette compare notes on vampires. Candi is insistent that her gift is returned to Petra.The group splits for the night. Most of the group decides to reconvene in Scottsdale the next night, but Billy wants to make sure Petra gets her gift back to placate Candi.

The next day, Icky contacts her contacts. She finds out of the 6 strippers that have for sure gone missing, 3 came from the Alaskan Bush Company, and 3 came from Scottsdale.

Annette researches creating an anti-white court charm.

Greg creates an episode of his radio show, telling the city about White Court Vampires.

Billy, meanwhile, had spent the night on the street. In the morning, he managed to scrounge up enough money to get breakfast from a vending machine. Boo happens to stumble upon him, and the two have a touching day filled with icecream, fun, and a tandem bicycle on the way to Petra’s house.

Once they arrive though, Billy realizes that something is not right – Petra is blindfolded, and her hands are tied, and she’s being led down the stairs to her apartment by two strangers – one of which is a child soldier, the other a former child soldier.

A car is left running in the parking lot, doors open and another stranger, another former child soldier, is smoking a cigarette near the rear door.

Boo sends out a text to the group, asking them to get their asses to the scene. Billy meanwhile decides to sabotage the running van. He lets the air out of the tires.

The group slowly arrives on the scene: ((OOC: the gm is a monster and doesn’t quite remember what order this happened in. All this happened, more or less))

  • Leo arrives and moves towards the back of the apartment.
  • Rory arrives and decides to smush the stranger standing by the van with his truck. Billy rolls out of the way. The stranger is not so lucky.
  • Annette arrives on the scene and is oblivious to literally everything.
  • Icky arrives and tries to convince the strangers to stand down.
  • Greg discovers that the strangers are wearing “Unknown Children” shirts, and blocks the exit to the building with his van.

Everyone readies themselves for a brutal fight.


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