Tag: Item


  • Magic Adderall

    h4. Effect Bonus to Discipline equal to potion strength when rolling for Concentration. h4. Duration About 8 hours

  • Houdini in a Bottle

    h4. Effect Allows the drinker to escape from captivity (removes any restraints and teleports the drinker one zone away from the zone they are captive in). h4. Duration Instantaneous

  • Heavy Fog Bomb

    h4. Effect When thrown, places scene aspect "Obscured by Heavy Fog" on the zone and all adjacent zones for the remainder of the scene. Line of sight is limited to about an arms length. Probably unhealthy to drink. h4. Duration One scene

  • Confidence Booster

    h4. Effect Bonus to Conviction of potion strength, and allows Conviction to be used to defend against social attacks. h4. Duration One scene