Sven Spumoni


What do you do when your ex best friend, who vanished during your final year of undergrad, drags a wounded man into your veterinary clinic and insists you help him?

Spumoni knew he wanted to be a vet almost from birth. His entire life, Sven was the animal man. You could bring him any creature, and Sven would know how to fix it.

Bucket and Sven met in college, as dormmates. Sven was the ball of sunshine, who would always help out a stranger. Bucket was the goofy, fix-it man who could jury-rig anything. They were great friends – until Bucket found himself being drawn more and more to this strange club on campus.

They gave Sven a bad feeling. Nothing he could put a finger on, but he didn’t like going to the meetings Bucket dragged him to, he didn’t like talking to them, and he definitely didn’t like that Bucket was sleeping with one of them.

And then, one day, the club and it’s members disappeared, taking Bucket with them. Sven asked around, but they had all withdrawn from school, and left no forwarding address. Sven didn’t hear from Bucket for a decade.

Spumoni finished school, went to veterinary school, passed with flying colors, worked for a number of years, and opened his own practice – Palm Glen Animal hospital, where he served the greater Phoenix area with a smile on his face.

So naturally, when Bucket and his crew had a run-in with some Enforcers while trying to smuggle out a fellow rebel, and a crew member took a bullet between the ribs, Bucket knew Sven would know what to do.

That was Spumoni’s introduction to the world of the Unknown Children. He’d gone into veterinary medicine to help the four-legged creatures of the world, and instead his clinic ended up a stop on the “Escape the Cult” underground railroad. Since then, he’s stitched up bullet wounds, broken bones, infections big and small, and even nursed a case of PTSD.

Sven wants no part of this life. Sven says every time is the last time.

Bucket keeps bringing them in. Sven keeps patching them up. But he’s not asking any questions, because he just does not want to know.


Sven Spumoni

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