Rory Finnegan

Militant Protestor (Travis)


Enlisting at a young age, Rory walked wide-eyed into boot camp, hoping to serve his country and fight for the freedom. As it sometimes does, the military quickly beat this naivete out of the young man.

With his newfound empty soul, he was trained to be a warrior. These skills would be tested.

Throughout deployment, the upper echelon of command continues to make questionable orders placing the men that do the work in extreme peril. Rory has seen many deaths due to these orders, and begins to believe that the commanders have ulterior motives.

ASPECT: Officers Have Authority But I Have Power

During one of the last missions on deployment, Rory’s best friend is torn apart by a shadowy assailant in front of him. Shredded meat, blood and dog tags is all that’s left.

ASPECT: Dead Friend’s Dog Tags

After leaving the service, Rory floats around for months. Never find a place to which he fits, he spends late nights surfing the internet, and sometimes, in spare time, visits some of the darker places of the web. Places that younger Rory would have dismissed as crazy. Throughout his reading he learned of a meeting of people, to speak out on the puppet masters that control the bourgeoisie.

While at this event, an agent of this organization attempts to disperse the crowd. Events turn violent. Rory pulls the firearm that he always carries, to protect the people in the crowd, gunning down 3 people assaulting the crowd.


Rory Finnegan

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