Sybil Troph

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One day, he is woken up in the middle of the night to find his drinking buddy Candi at the foot of his bed, bloody and crying. She’s pretty dead. When she grabs his hand, Sybil sees a series of images: the sign for the Alaskan Bush Co, a hallway, and a first person experience – running as fast as you can, out of breath, panic, panic, and then two thuds and nothing.

The vision ends, and Sybil’s doorbell rings. The cops are at his door, guns drawn, and ask him to come on down to the station, please. He’s being arrested for the murder of Candi Sparks. His gun and fingerprints were found in a trash can at the Alaskan Bush Co, and video surveillance places him leaving the scene of the crime.

Sybil is taken down to the jail, Candi tagging along. When the guard isn’t looking, Sybil slips out of the handcuffs. He encourages the station’s poltergeist to have a tantrum, and takes off running during the confusion, counting on his connections to hide him.

In hiding, he messages friends, reporters, the black market, in the hopes of gathering up anyone who could help clear his name, and getting an object crafted to help hide his face. They’ll meet at a local club, he suggests, somewhere no one would expect him.

They offer to hide him at Billy’s graveyard. He agrees.

Sybil Troph

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