Albie Santos


This life is all Albie knows. He was raised to protect the Unknown Children way of life, almost from birth. The enforcers were his only family, love for the organization, for rules, for order was beat into him throughout his schooling. When the Unknown Children say jump, Albie’s already on the way back to the ground.

An enforcer’s job is simple: capture those that need to be captured, beat the good into anyone that needs it, and kill anyone that disagrees. There’s a leadership position open – Albie has his heart set on it. But Albie’s got a legion of others he’s competing against, and it’s hard to stand out when they’re starting the youth at younger and younger ages. When they asked for volunteers to round up a rebel leader known to be stealing from the organization and bring her in for questioning, Albie was first in line. Dylan Nardo, a classmate from his year, and Charles Barnard, with almost as many missions under his belt as Albie at only 10 years old, joined him. It was supposed to be easy.

At about the point when his knee was blown out from his leg, Dylan Nardo was a smear on the wall, having been introduced to a truck, and Charles had retreated into a blockaded apartment building, Albie began having second thoughts.

Albie was trained to withstand torture. But training and practicality aren’t exactly the same thing, and these people who had wiped out his teammates and were holding him hostage didn’t seem to believe in honorable torture. Albie spilled his guts, and hoped that they would kill him quickly.


Albie Santos

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