Dry Heat

Small Medium at Large Pt 5

Koehler Makes the Best Decisions

The gang locates Jeff Goldblum and ends up at the best party ever with the most delicious food ever.

Except for Greg and Rory, who miss out on the best meal of their lives and decide to be squares and don’t even dance once (because without eating the magic faerie food they don’t trip balls or hear any music).

Billy doesn’t actually eat any faerie food, but instead takes so many mushrooms that nobody can tell the difference. Also I think he walked through a wall at one point.

Annette pops the lid off her fog potion and floods the dance floor. The rave was better for it.

In another room of the party, there’s a bunch of totally normal people selling totally normal things.

Rory is tempted by a grenade launcher but resists the urge to make a really stupid deal. Annette steps up to the plate instead and trades her first name for a how-to manual on learning spellcasting.


There’s some guards blocking the way to the next Great Decision but they won’t let Greg and Rory through because they didn’t eat the food.

We also discover that we are very obviously inside the Nevernever because there’s a massive field and a coliseum and the entire sky inside this nightclub. Billy probably thought this was normal.

Another vendor tells the group that this whole gathering is because of the vampire State of the Union address that’s happening. Koehler (last name only now) buys a magic cup that never runs out of water and a magic spaghetti twirling fork from her.

Everyone (except Boo Shwazee who had to stay to dance the night away) goes through a back entrance, wanders through a maze of beautiful paintings (Greg and Rory thought they were horrific, I don’t know what’s wrong with them), prevents Koehler from stealing a painting, and ends up in the kitchen where some faerie bunnies are reenacting the plot of Ratatouille.

Combat ensues because Greg and Rory could see the (true?) form of the bunnies as little scorpion monsters, and because Leo just hates bunnies. Koehler cuddled with a bunch of the bunnies and carried some to safety, while Billy wandered off into a mushroom forest to become one with the mushrooms.

Rory gunned down a bunch of cuddly scorpion nightmare bunnies, Leo discovered that he can vaporize everything in sight with water magic if everyone reads up on how magic works for 20 minutes, and Greg dumped spaghetti sauce all over a bunch of bunnies then killed them with the magic spaghetti fork.


zartunindi keithburgundy

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