Dry Heat

Small Medium at Large Pt 1

The Gang's All (Almost) Here

The gang meets Sybil Troph, a self-professed dwarf medium wearing a large, rather obnoxious hat, at Palo Verde lounge. Sybil is telling the story of his past several nights:

I’m woken up in the middle of the night to find Candi at the foot of my bed, bloody and crying. When I ask her what’s going on, I figure it out for myself. Candi can’t talk. She’s dead. And then she grabs my hand, and I’m thrown into a vision: the sign for the Alaskan Bush Co, a hallway, and then I’m running as fast as I can, out of breath, panicking and then two thuds and nothing. When the vision ends, my doorbell rings, and there’s cops at my door, arresting for the murder of Candi Sparks. They said they found my gun and fingerprints in a trash can at the Alaskan Bush Co, but I don’t even own a gun. They try to take me to jail, but I slips out of the handcuffs, convince the station’s poltergeist to have a tantrum, and take off running during the confusion. I reach out to all of my connections, in the hopes that someone I know can find who really killed Candi, and why I’m being framed.

Greg Noory is interviewing Sybil for his radio show. Billy Pilgrim is at his usual haunt. Ikafus Ziggy was called by Sybil. Annette Koehler was drawn to the conversation, and Rory Finnegan was just drinking and eavesdropping. Boo Shwazee was bartending.

The group questions Sybil, receiving the following information:

  • Candi was dating Petra
  • Candi worked at the Alaskan Bush Company.
  • Candi owed $1000 of money to her boss, Cora Bennett, for drinking the Alaskan Bush Company’s alcohol with Sybil.
  • A bouncer had an altercation with Sybil.
  • Petra was pissed at Sybil and Candi for drinking away that money, but eventually forgave Sybil.
  • Sybil and Candi had been friends for years.
  • Sybil couldn’t think of anyone specific that would want to hurt him or Candi.

Sybil asked for their help, in any way possible. Billy offers to hide Sybil in the house that is on his graveyard’s land. Sybil agrees.

The group (with Sybil, minus Boo because the group forgot him) decided to pay a visit to Petra, by driving in Greg’s skeezy Journalist Van. Greg’s van is very questionably able to drive, but manages to make it to Petra’s in one go.

When they arrive at Petra’s apartment parking lot, Candi has made an appearance, apparently by following Sybil. Billy is the only one who has seen her, so he lightly questions her. She can only answer yes and no questions. Billy learns the following:

  • Sybil and Petra were not present at Candi’s murder.
  • Cora was present at Candi’s murder.

Candi also gives Billy an enhanced version of the vision she gave Sybil:

The sign for the Alaskan Bush Co, a hallway, and a first person experience – running as fast as you can, out of breath, panic, panic, and then two thuds and nothing…. and then a male voice: “Got ’er, boss,” followed by a faint female voice: “Oh, god no…"

Candi then decides to follow Billy around from now on.

When they arrive at Petra’s door, Sybil points out that Petra still probably thinks he’s responsible for Candi’s murder. The group agrees and sends him back to the van. The rest of the group decide on a tactic, and then eventually decide that Ikafus should be the one to go and attempt to interview Petra. The rest of the group back away, and Annette hangs out in the van with Sybil.

Ikafus convinces Petra to let her in the house by pretending to be a private investigator. Petra doesn’t quite believe her at first, but eventually lets her in the house.

In conversation, Ikafus learns the following:

  • Petra thinks that Sybil was the murderer.
  • There is no one suspicious around the apartment.
  • Petra works for [[Unknown Children Inc.]] as a marketing manager.
  • Strippers have been going missing, and at least a couple have gone missing from Alaskan Bush Co.

When asked for contact information, Ikafus gives Petra a fake number.

The group head back to the bar to get their actual cars and temporarily split up. The Skeez-mobile gets a check engine light, and the exhaust starts looking funny on the way.

The group decide to visit the Alaskan Bush Co. They do not exchange numbers. Rory speeds straight to the Alaskan Bush Co without waiting to find out anyone else’s plans. Billy takes Sybil back to the graveyard first. Greg and Annette ride together in her car. Ikafus goes home to change her clothes, face, and do a little research first, deciding to meet everyone at a more strip-clubby time (10pm).

Rory and Billy arrive first. They find a closed strip club, as it was the site of a murder scene earlier that day, however, lights are on inside, and they can hear someone moving. After a quick examination, Rory finds a locked front door. Billy, not thinking about how it would look, proceeds to shout and pound on the door. Surprisingly, no one answers him. Rory takes manners into his own hands, and tries to kick down the door, but only manages to dent the metal.

Greg and Annette arrive as this is happening, and the group has a frank discussion about what in the hell is going on. Annette decides to loudly and with much pomp and circumstance check to see if the noise is attracting unwanted attention. She doesn’t think it is.

Candi thinks this is hilarious. Billy asks if she knows of any other entrances, and she points them towards the back of the building, where a door to the kitchen is open.

The group heads in. Greg does a quick check and finds that there’s a further door. They leave Billy as a watchdog, and head further inside.

While this is going on, Ikafus is asking her network of contacts for any further information on the missing strippers. She gets enough information to piece together the following:

  • About 6 strippers have gone missing.
  • There’s another concentration of the missing strippers in Scottsdale
  • The police are trying to keep the investigation on the down-low, as strippers aren’t known to be people that sit tight in one spot for long. Just because they haven’t checked into work, doesn’t mean they’re dead or kidnapped.

With that, she heads to the club. She has a brief conversation with Billy, who doesn’t recognize her due to her changed face. She convinces him to let her in.

Inside, she finds Greg, Annette, and Rory confronting a terrified woman wielding a butcher knife. Somehow, Greg manages to convince her to trust him, by telling her that he’s “from the internet”. She lowers the knife, and the team, with Ikafus and Billy, start to try and wear her down into telling them the truth about Candi. The team also realizes that for some reason, she believes she can’t get involved.

Eventually, terrified, disarmed, and accused, Cora breaks down and cries. She’s ready to talk.


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